Sharing God's Story with Finding Nemo


Finding Nemo is more than just a good story with funny characters and great writing. Finding Nemo is a Reel Parable that teaches us who God is.

Finding Nemo teaches us about God by retelling the “lost” parables (stories) that Jesus told when people started complaining that He was spending time with the wrong kind of people (sinners).

To teach us about God – and His love for us – Jesus told stories.

Jesus told a story about a lost coin and the woman who looked for it until it was found.

Then He told a story about a lost sheep and the shepherd that looked for it until it was found.

Finally, He told a story about a lost son and the father that looked for him until he returned home.

In the same way (but through a different form), Finding Nemo tells the story of a lost fish and the father that searched for him until he was found.

In the coming weeks we will take a look at God’s story as seen in Finding Nemo.

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