Why We Love TV's Most Deeply Flawed Characters

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Why do we love TV’s most deeply flawed characters?

Fast Company and the study it referenced summarized it this way:

When we sympathize with a character’s motivations for committing a heinous act, we’re likely to excuse that character’s actions.

I would add this.

We like these characters because like these characters we too are deeply flawed.

Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad

These characters are like us.

We may not kill or cheat or be a drunk or sell meth, but most of us know of what we are truly capable.

We know our own dark thoughts. And our thoughts are dark.

Like these characters none of us are always good or always bad or only good or only bad.

Makes being bad look so cool.
Makes being bad look so cool.

To be honest, these characters are a lot like the real characters of the bible.

Abraham. Noah. David. All flawed.

And, if we are honest, all flawed in ways that look like TV’s most deeply flawed characters.

And, if we are honest, all flawed in ways that look a lot like us.

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