Wreck it Ralph – Coming Soon!


Riding high with a Golden Globe nomination Wreck it Ralph is back in theaters!

If you have not seen it yet you owe it to yourself to catch it on the big screen. It is fun, entertaining – for both kids and adults alike – and an excellent Reel Parable!

On Monday, February 4th, Reel Parables will be première Sharing God’s Story with Wreck it Ralph!

We will start with a conversation on why community is importance and end with a look at how Wreck it Ralph can help teach our kids about the world we live in.

Although we will look at some pretty “heady” biblical topics, we will do it through the Reel Parable Wreck it Ralph so don’t be intimidated.

Come back in February for a Reel Parable bible study – Sharing God’s Story with Wreck it Ralph.

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See you soon!

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