Let It Snow

When my wife and I were in college, we used to watch Star Trek the Next Generation on TWO TVs. One TV was for audio. The other was for black and white TV.

We loved it.

The only real issue was that it was hard to tell who the “red shirt” was, which meant we never knew who was going to bite it!

My love for Star Trek goes way back as you can see from this Elementary School pic. Enjoy this AMAZING Star Trek version of Let it Snow.

And, “Shut up Wesley!”


Be sure to check out Sharing God’s Story with Disney’s Frozen. A simple – yet entertaining – way to share God’s story!

Without Further Ado


I am so happy to let you all know that Sharing God’s Story with Disney’s Frozen is finally here!

You can pick it up over at Church Mag Press or at Amazon.com.


Disney’s Frozen dominated pop culture in 2014. From the movie to the songs (“Let it go. Let it go!”) to the toys to the Halloween costumes, Disney’s Frozen refused to be ignored.

And I am glad that it did.

Disney’s Frozen is way more than just another Disney princess movie – it beautifully illustrates God’s story.

There is a curse, a prodigal, and a savior.

There is a devil, a sacrificial death, and a resurrection.

Using Disney’s Frozen as a backdrop, Sharing God’s Story with Disney’s Frozen will educate and encourage people of all ages who can’t “Let It Go.” It is a self-paced Bible study designed for pre-teens, teens and young adults who love Disney’s Frozen.

It includes discussion questions and activities to help engage kids within a group setting. In short, it will strengthen your relationship with God while it encourages you in your relationships with others.

It will help you to simply and clearly present God’s story – the Gospel – through the telling of a modern day Reel Parable.

So, enjoy some popcorn and learn how only God can truly thaw a frozen heart.

Sharing God's Story with Disney's Frozen

Disney’s Frozen + the Wordless Book = Awesome Evangelism

Free Frozen and Wordless Book Mashup Download


To celebrate the release of Sharing God’s Story with Disney’s Frozen I am pleased to share this free download with you – Sharing God’s Story with Disney’s Frozen and the Wordless Book.

I first learned about the Wordless Book through Camp Good News, a Child Evangelism Fellowship  (CEF) summer camp I worked at back in the 80s.

The Wordless Book is a very simply, yet effective, way to tell God’s story and present His Gospel.


Disney’s Frozen + the Wordless Book = Awesome Evangelism