Be Your Kid’s Spiritual Hero

Every story has a hero.

The Matrix has Neo. Lord of the Rings has Frodo. Star Wars has Luke Skywalker. Frozen has, well, no spoilers… yet. Your kids have you.


Every hero has a goal.

As parents, our goal is to see our kids grow in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and man (Luke 2:52).

We want to teach our kids about God and His Word.

We want to help our kids understand God’s Story and we want to help our kids understand their place in God’s Story.

Simply put, we want to disciple our kids.

Every hero has a struggle.

The goal is easy enough – disciple our kids. So what’s the problem?

Sometimes this is easier said than done.

Sometimes our kids would rather watch TV or a movie.

Sometimes our kids are more interested in entertainment than they are education.

Sometimes they simply check out at the mention of a well-known Bible story.

Sometimes they just want to watch Frozen for the 100th time.

Sometimes they want to build a snowman!

Every hero has a mentor.


Neo has Morpheus. Frodo has Gandalf. Luke Skywalker has Obi-Wan. You have me.

Let me help you share God’s Story with your kids! Let me be your Morpheus. Let me be your Gandalf. Let me be your Obi-Wan.

Every hero takes action!

Yes, you can share God's story with Finding Nemo! Check out Reel Parables to see how!

Like Jesus often did, I will show you how to share God’s Word with a story.

Like Paul, we can use our culture to share God’s Story. (Acts 17:16-34)

Sharing God’s Story with Disney’s Frozen is a movie-based Bible study that uses a movie your kids already love to teach them about the most important story, God’s Story.

Why? Because Frozen tells a very biblical story.

Arendelle is under a curse because of one person’s actions.

Only an act of true love can lift the curse.

In Frozen, this act of true love ends up being sacrificial love.

The story ends with a sacrificial death and a resurrection!

Yes, Disney’s Frozen can teach us God’s Story!

Download your copy of Sharing God’s Story with Disney’s Frozen today!

Together we can share God’s Story with Disney’s Frozen.

You – and your kids – will not be disappointed.
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Until next time, God bless.

Simon L Smith