2015 Movie Awards – Best Prodigal Son Reel Parable

(This is Part 1 of our 1st annual Reel Parables Movie Awards. The rest of the Reel Parables Movie Awards (for 2015) can be found here. These movies – and these awards – are greatly influenced by my How to See God’s Story in Movies series. Be sure to check it out to learn how I do what I do.)

2016 Movie Awards - Prodigal Son

Our first award goes to the movie that is the best Prodigal Son Reel Parable.

And the award for best Prodigal Son Reel Parable goes to… The Martian!


This one was easy because The Martin is a fantastic retelling of the Lost Parables, especially the Prodigal Son.

Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is lost on Mars. Presumed dead, his team leaves him behind when they evacuate Mars due to a deadly storm.

Yeah, he isn’t “lost” because of his actions, but he is lost.

He is missing.

He is the prodigal.

But he is also valuable.

While the team on Earth tries to figure out a way to get him home, his crew mates decide to go rogue, return to Mars, and try to save him.

They go back to Mars to find the prodigal.

These crew mates are willing to sacrifice their wants and their desires (going home, seeing their families, etc.) to return to Mars to save him.

He is lost.

They sacrifice to find him.

That, at its core, is the story of the Lost Parables.


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Simon L Smith