2015 Movie Awards – Best Super Hero Jesus Reel Parable

(This is Part 2 of our 1st annual Reel Parables Movie Awards. The rest of the Reel Parables Movie Awards (for 2015) can be found here. These movies – and these awards – are greatly influenced by my How to See God’s Story in Movies series. Be sure to check it out to learn how I do what I do.)

2016 Movie Awards - Super Hero Jesus

Our next award goes to the movie that is the best Super Hero Jesus Reel Parable.

And the award for best Super Hero Jesus Reel Parable goes to… Mad Max: Fury Road!


Yeah, yeah, I know that this is not your typical Super Hero movie, but it is a fantastic Super Hero Jesus Reel Parable!

First, Max *is* a hero. And he is pretty super. (See what I did there?)

He gives of himself to help others. He empties himself to save others. He sacrifices of himself to save others. And let’s not forget the blood!

Max is more than “blood bag.” Max is actually a universal donor. Max’s blood saves. And he gives it freely to save Furiosa.

Why? Because he is a Super Hero Jesus!

And remember the “living water.” Max’s sacrifice results in the living water being made available to everyone. Yes, his sacrifice saves everyone.



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Simon L Smith