2015 Movie Awards – Best Redemption Reel Parable

(This is Part 4 of our 1st annual Reel Parables Movie Awards. The rest of the Reel Parables Movie Awards (for 2015) can be found here. These movies – and these awards – are greatly influenced by my How to See God’s Story in Movies series. Be sure to check it out to learn how I do what I do.)

2016 Movie Awards - Resurrection

Our next award goes to the movie that is the best Redemption Reel Parable.

And the award for best Redemption Reel Parable goes to… CREED!

See why CREED is the best Redemption Reel Parable of 2015

re·demp·tion: rəˈdem(p)SH(ə)n/
noun: redemption
The action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.

I try to stay positive here at Reel Parables and rarely go negative, but let’s get the obvious out of the way. Yes, CREED did indeed redeem the Rocky franchise. CREED brought a fresh – and surprisingly honest – look at the aging franchise, as well as its aging star.

Creed, Legacy, and Redemption

I know this is not a typical Redemption story, like a Schindler’s List where he literally buys back – redeems – people for a fiery death, but here me out.

  • Mary Anne, Apollo Creed’s widow, saves Adonis Creed, a child Apollo had from an extramarital affair years before, from the foster care system. In a very real way she saves his life.
  • Adonis saves (redeems) the Creed name.
  • Adonis redeems his story:

Adonis: “Don’t! I have to prove it!”

Rocky:”Prove what?”

Adonis: “That I’m not a mistake!”

This is a powerful scene in what could have been a cheesy movie. Adonis, who never really knew his father, wants to be more than he is. He wants purpose.

Adonis redeems his story. He is (or at least becomes) far more than the bastard child of an illicit affair.

He redeems the name, a name he feels unworthy to be called by.

Does he win the big fight? It doesn’t really matter. The real battle was for his heart. And he won that battle.

But he didn’t do it alone. He also redeemed Rocky.

Adonis did not do all of this on his own. He did it in community.

First with Mary Anne and then with Rocky. Other invested in his life. And he invested in others, specifically, Rocky.

He shows Rocky that life is worth fighting for. In the same way that Rocky shows Adonis that life – and purpose – is worth fighting for.

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CREED and Redemption

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